Caroline Teugels, mesaj de susținere a podiatriei în urma conferinței "Stop Amputații! Acționează acum"


"It is really unfortunate the system is letting us down. Nevertheless, we are all very dedicated in the fight against complications of diabetes.

Thank you Norina that you brought up the emergency of diabetic foot amputations. I would like to congratulate the Romanian Government and Parliament that have understood that recognizing Podiatry as a profession is acting against amputations.

The International Federation of Podiatrists (FIP-IFP) is very proud to have welcomed the Romanian Association to the International Family of Podiatry associations. Collaboration is key on an international level. The events happening today show that more collaboration and exchange of good practices is necessary in a response towards emergencies. Within the FIP-IFP we advance the profession by sharing knowledge and supporting initiatives that advance the profession. I would like to invite all of you to join 8 October, which is International Podiatry Day.

Moreover, I would like to add that besides a real impact on the prevention of the complication due to diabetes, podiatrists are also active to support the health and well-being of patients that suffer from rheumatoid feet or in oncology. The knowledge from a podiatrist in biomecanics is very important when we talk geriatrics, youngsters, sports injuries prevention etc. But also in off-loading to support the healing of foot ulcers. I wish you all the best in continuing the great steps you took in advancing the profession and I hope we will see the set-up of a podiatry school in Romania.

All the best,

Caroline Teugels (International Federation of Podiatrists)"